• GoCater is rebuilding

    how the corporate catering industry works



    GoCater is restructuring how the corporate catering industry works. We envision a future where every company has seamlessly and cost-efficiently added catering to their work environment. We envision a future where every caterer has the means to run a client-centric, profitable, growing and data-driven business. GoCater is the platform that will enable this change in Europe, building a bright future for the corporate catering industry worldwide with the ezCater group.

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  • Our Team

    GoCater is a highly motivated and hard-working team. We are the European arm of ezCater. With a shared passion for how we are changing this industry, our team is international and multicultural. Interested in joining us ? View our open job positions here.

    Aliénor Plasmans


    Amélie Bouchain


    Anne-Laure Pétillot


    Cedric Urvoy


    Christophe Gormand

    (Director of Operations)

    Eva Dieudonné (Content)

    Fatima-Zahra Frere


    Frédéric Portello


    Hugo Schleicher

    (Country Developer FR)

    Jacques Bizot


    Jules Despretz


    Mauricio Montalvo


    Quentin Dallery


    Stanislas Delibes


    Stefany Ton That


    Stephen Leguillon

    (Head of Western Europe)

    Ta Duy Duc


    Théophile Pairaud (Sales)

    Thomas Florelli


    Franck Duché


    Cellos M'Balé

    (Partner Sales


    Anne Reitzer



    Cristina Ivan



    Arnaud Lahy



    Guillaume Cussac (Country Manager France)


    Tsoliné Akopcan (Content)


    Paul Barraud de Lagerie (Operations)


    Amaury Laparra



    Nancaidah Toure-Chauvin



    Thomas Simon



    Mathilde Dumonet



    Charlotte Voaden (Accounting and Admin)


    Anthony Youna